Automated time-lapse segmentation by TESCAN Q-PHASE
Read the difference among methods for label-free light microscopy imaging of...
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TESCAN VEGA3, an analytical tool for Life Sciences
TESCAN VEGA3 in mammalian enamel maturation studies.  
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TESCAN GAIA3 in battery research
TESCAN GAIA3 used as a tool to conduct research in solid state electrolytes
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Electron microscopes for Semiconductors
Are you interested in failure analysis of semiconductors? Are you looking for...
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TESCAN is awarded the Czech Superbrands title for 2017
TESCAN was awarded the title Czech Business Superbrands 2017, having passed...
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NEW TIMA-X brochure available now
We are now pleased to announce that the new TIMA-X brochure is now available...
Finding the origin of Polish Moldavites
Moldavite is a rare natural glass which was possibly formed as a result of...
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TESCAN FIB-SEM LYRA3 used for investigating the role of Si contamination in the NASA’s Genesis crash
NASA’s Genesis mission collected solar-wind in order to analyse its...
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Get ready for the Year of the Rooster!
This year, Chinese New Year - The Year of the Rooster - begins on January 28...
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TIMA in Paterson, Australia
The TESCAN Integral Mineral Analyser (TIMA) is being used in the conjoint...
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Q-PHASE for quantitative phase imaging (QPI)

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