Characteristics of Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnets Present in Electronic Components

TESCAN FEG-SEM MIRA3 for characterisation of permanent magnets recovered from recycled sources
In the present study the amount of permanent magnets (PM) present in waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) has been quantified. The PM was subsequently characterised by – among other techniques – scanning electron microscopy (SEM) using the TESCAN FEG-SEM MIRA3. The SEM results show that the magnets containing rare earth elements (REE) present in WEEE consist of Nd- Fe-B alloy in a tetrahedral form with an inter-granular space rich in REEs (Nd, Dy and Pr). About 20 μm thick coating layer consisting of Ni, Zn or an alloy of Cu/Ni is detected at the surface of the magnets. Properties of the PM at high temperatures are further investigated.

SE image of a HDD magnet sample and EDS spectra at the pointed locations.
SE image of a HDD magnet sample and EDS spectra at the pointed locations.

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