Combination of orthogonal TOF-SIMS with FIB-SEM by TESCAN captured interest of scientists in Korea

Institute of Photonics and Electronics (ÚFE) in collaboration with scientists from TESCAN presented at 19th International Conference on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS-19) in Korean Jeju scientific poster concerning Imaging of Dopant Distribution in Optical Fibers with an Orthogonal TOF-SIMS.

Korean Jeju hosted acknowledged experts in TOF-SIMS at the end of September 2013. During his poster presentation, RNDr. Jan Lorinčík, CSc. (ÚFE) pointed out that the elemental analysis of optical fiber cross-sections requires a sensitive high spatial resolution technique and the number of techniques or instruments which can fulfill those demands is very limited. In his research, compact orthogonal TOF-SIMS spectrometer integrated with a FIB-SEM system combined with EDX was used. He found that this method fully meets the demands of his research.


The mass spectrometry (MS) is a method which uses specimen ionization (a small volume) for determination of the masses of atoms, molecules and molecule fragments. The Time of Flight (TOF) Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) uses different time of flight of charged particles as the separation method.

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