LYRA3 in laboratories of Imperial College London

Following 2 successful EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) bids in 2013, Imperial College, London invested in a range of leading technology equipment for further research into advance medial robotics.
On November 10th over 150 invited guests, including academics from all over the world, were welcomed by Professor Guang-Zhong Yang, to the opening of the new multi-discipline facility to meet, celebrate and inspect the new acquisitions. Amongst the guests was Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham who was appointed in 2009 as the United Kingdom's Global Ambassador for Health and Life Sciences, and Chair of NHS Global.

TESCAN was proud to be amongst the invited suppliers and partners to speak to attendees about the performance, application and advantages of the TESCAN LYRA3 FIB FESEM which is equipped with a Bruker EDS, Kleindiek nanomanipulators and Imina miBot nano-mobile robots. The LYRA has been integrated into a bespoke multi-purpose user interface which allows the users to move seamlessly across several optical, EM and nano manipulation systems within the same laboratory on the same desk.

The TESCAN LYRA will be used to image and fabricate nano surgical instruments for use in robotic surgery research.

The 5 year partnership between TESCAN-UK and Imperial college was extended to include visiting experts from TESCAN headquarters and ongoing Research and Development was augmented with further in depth training of the Hamlyn Centre team of Post Doctorate researchers and fellows. At the close of the Grand Opening Professor Yang thanked the EPSRC in particular for invaluable support and informed guests and colleagues that the future research will be intense and will link several Imperial College departments in bringing the new equipment into full and fruitful operation.


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