TESCAN, a leading global supplier of scanning electron microscopes and focused ion beam workstations, and ORSAY PHYSICS, a world leader in customized focused ion beam and electron beam technology, have merged to form TESCAN-ORSAY HOLDING.

Cooperating since 2007, ORSAY PHYSICS has been the sole supplier of ion beam technology to TESCAN. This cooperation contributed to the development of the TESCAN LYRA and VELA gallium FIB-SEM workstations, and the TESCAN FERA, the world’s first and only fully integrated Xenon plasma FIB-SEM workstation. The success of the FERA plasma FIB-SEM workstation product, the preferred choice in the semi-conductor packaging corridor, contributed to this merger.

“This merger is a natural evolution in growth for both organizations. Combined, both companies have a strong history of innovation, which will continue to advance our electron and ion beam technologies”, said Jaroslav Klima, CEO of TESCAN.

“We know having TESCAN as our chosen partner, the future is bright for charged particle microscopy. We intend to leverage the strengths of our available technologies to better serve our customers in all sectors”, said Pierre Sudraud, founder of Orsay Physics.

TESCAN is a leading provider of scientific instrumentation and is well known for its innovation and openness to work with researchers and customizing applications to fit specific needs. Established in 1991, TESCAN is an ISO certified company with a long tradition of excellence. Orsay Physics was founded in 1989 by researchers, engineers and specialists in charged particle optics from Paris-Orsay University, and is a world leader in customized focused ion beam and electron beam technology.

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