Extended XM and GM chambers

The volume capabilities of the standard XM and GM chambers can be further extended by means of special frontal chamber frames. These extended chambers offer a concrete solution for the semiconductor industry and fabs making the inspection of large wafers possible.
The extended XM chamber with modified Y-axis and extension frame can accommodate 6” and 8” wafers. SEM imaging at any location is performed at 0° tilt. In FIB-SEM systems the wafers can also be tilted 55° to perform nanoengineering tasks with FIB.

The extended GM chamber equipped with a dedicated cradle stage, and, a special holder enables controlled loading of 6”, 8” and 12” wafers. The cradle stage allows FIB cross-sectioning and SEM imaging at any location of 6” and 8” wafers. In addition, full SEM inspection of 12” wafers can be performed at 0° tilt.

Any TESCAN SEM and FIB-SEM system can be configured with the extended chambers.

Large Wafer Analysis

Wafers are substrates mostly made of highly purified silicon which is grown into monocrystals. Wafers are manufactured in the form of mirror-like discs with less than a millimetre thick and diameters up to 12‘‘, on top of which ICs are fabricated.
The fabrication of MEMS elements or integrated circuits on large-diameter wafers is a routine process in fabs and the semiconductor and microelectronic industries. As a part of the manufacturing process, some of the localised features of such manufactured structures need to be inspected by means of SEM and FIB-SEM techniques as they provide high spatial resolution to analyse and characterise defects and failures on wafers at known locations. In order to do so, such systems must have the loading capabilities that allow them to deal with such large samples. For this purpose, TESCAN has designed a dedicated cradle stage with a holder which enables the loading of 6’’, 8’’ and 12’’ wafers.

  • When dealing with large wafer samples, special software is essential for precise navigation and searching for the desired specific locations. For this purpose, the TESCAN X-positioner module in combination with the Avalon Defect Wafermap™ extension allows an easy navigation and a precise localisation of defects for closer inspection and characterisation.
  • Additionally, Avalon™ sorts defects by size, location or class, as well as layout location and allows the user to define custom wafer maps.
  • For extra-large sample inspection, TESCAN also offers a unique high resolution SEM system equipped with the AMU chamber - an extraordinarily large chamber – which supports samples with a diameter of up to 762 mm.
Extended XM and GM chambers
Cross-section of a Cu pillar after using the Rocking Stage