In order to satisfy growing customer demands, TESCAN contributes not only by carrying out its own scientific research activity and related manufacturing operations, but also by establishing synergic collaborations with leading scientific institutions.

Come and visit us during EMC2016 in Lyon. Do not hesitate to stop by and get information about the Triglav™ column and see live demo of XEIA3 model 2016! We are looking forward to meet you here!

TESCAN - leading global company in the field of charged particle optics, is releasing Triglav™; the next generation of its ultra-high resolution (UHR) electron column technology with significant improvement in quality imaging and analytical capabilities.

TESCAN is proud to announce the launching of the second generation of its ultra-high resolution electron column. The new column achieves superb ultra-high resolution without any compromises: 0.7 nm at 15 keV and 1 nm at 1 keV.

In its 25 years of existence TESCAN has grown from a small company dedicated to the manufacture of programmable control units into a multi-national corporation with over four hundred employees around the globe. It currently occupies a strong position among the top five most prominent worldwide manufacturers of electron microscopes.


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