TIMA-X is an automated mineralogy system enabling fast quantitative analysis of rocks, ores, concentrates, tailings, leach residues or smelter products.
TIMA-X is fitted with EDAX Element Silicon Drift Detectors and new software that significantly increase performance and reliability. The new detectors on TIMA-X are specially designed to increase sensitivity to light elements and maintain excellent resolution stability at high throughput rates without compromising the interactive and automated performance. The TIMA-X detectors are fully compatible with TIMA operation and EDAX Quantitative EDS and µXRF systems thus allow the user to enjoy the full speed and all capabilities of simultaneous quantitative analyses without any compromise. TIMA-X combines BSE and EDX analysis for the identification and measurement of mineral concentrations, particle size distribution and liberation/locking parameters. In addition, it enables searches for bright particles such as PGM, gold-silver ores, and/or REE. TIMA-X can be equipped with AutoLoader, an automatic sample loading system which enables 24/7 continuous and unattended operations for mineral analysis of large sample sets. AutoLoader allows up to 100 epoxy blocks to be loaded at one time. This offers unprecedented high-throughput analysis, reducing sample transfer time and improving productivity. TIMA-X is the system of choice for the mining and mineral processing industry.

Key features

  • Very fast and fully automated data acquisition process reached via SEM and EDX high level hardware integration
  • EDAX Element Silicon Drift Detectors
  • New design of 30 mm2 SDD CMOS chip
  • Si3N4 window is rugged, non-porous and has high transmissivity
  • Improved sensitivity to low energies for light element detection
  • Pulse processor software integration
  • Compatible with EDAX Quant hardware and with EDAX µXRF
  • Newly designed exchangeable sample holder with integrated fixed BSE/EDX calibration standard and Faraday cup
  • Up to 4 integrated EDX detectors for maximum system performance
  • New Peltier cooled EDX detector type for thermal stability guarantee
  • Improved approach to data analysis increasing speed and reliability od process
  • Variable dwell time and EDX analysis duration adapting to each part of the sample
  • Offline data inspection