Comparative study of plasmonic antennas

Fabrication of plasmonic structures by electron beam lithography using the TESCAN MIRA3

Comparative study of plasmonic antennas

Researchers of the Central European Institute of Technology, and Institute of Physical Engineering, Brno University of Technology carried out a comparative study of plasmonic antennas fabricated by electron beam lithography (EBL) and direct focused ion beam milling. The fabricated structures were characterized using diverse analytical techniques in order to find advantages and disadvantages of both fabrication methods. After the study, it was found that while both techniques are suitable for the fabrication of plasmonic antennas, EBL should be prioritized over focused ion beam lithography due to better quality and performance of the resulting antennas. The Scanning Electron Microscope/E-beam writer TESCAN MIRA3 (equipped with a pattern processor and a laser interferometer stage) was used to fabricate the plasmonic antennas studied in this work. Such workstation enables the preparation of very small patterns (< 50 nm and less) on resistant surfaces.

Link to the original source: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-28037-1