Dissemination of the UnivSEM project

The final review of UnivSEM project took a place in Brussels on 12th March 2015. The whole project team, coordinated by TESCAN Brno, s.r.o. presented the R&D outputs to the European project officers.

Dissemination of the UnivSEM project

Within the three years of the project duration, three UnivSEM prototypes were introduced and are being commercialized as the part of the TESCAN product portfolio. Several key factors contributed to the project success. Firstly, there was a clear implementation and commercialization plan from the beginning aiming to the market requirements and needs. Well established project consortium composed of both industrial and academic partners was cooperating on the single tasks, leading to the final outcome. The particular tasks were solved by the specialist in the field (generally SMEs) and integrated into the one platform provided by TESCAN. The application work was performed by the academic partners. The significant product orientated R&D was honored even during the project life.

The success story of the project in Brussels continued by the dissemination event organized in cooperation with CZELO office, which was attended by 11 guests from the European commission as well as the Czech legal offices in Brussels. We used this opportunity not only to present the project outcomes, but also the importance of long-term cooperation of the project team in the European funded projects.

The UnivSEM project was solved by 8 partners institutions from 3 countries (CZ, DE, CH), 4 products were introduced to the market, 16 exploitable results and approx. 200 publication outputs were presented.