Comparative study of plasmonic antennas
Fabrication of plasmonic structures by electron beam lithography using the...
Studying the ultrastructure of wood with TESCAN LYRA3 FIB-SEM
FIB-SEM tomography of spiral thickening in wood
Morphological characterization of nanostructures with the TESCAN MIRA3 FEG-SEM
Nanoparticles imaged with the TESCAN MIRA3 at 10 kV and up to 1,000,000...
TESCAN S9000X - webinar
TESCAN has successfully launched its new TESCAN S9000X plasma FIB-SEM system...
Large-scale physical failure analysis of multi-layered optoelectronic devices with the new TESCAN S9000X Xe plasma FIB-SEM
Extra-large area cross-sectioning in OLED displays using the TESCAN Xe plasma...
FIB-SEM tomography of SiAlON-graphene composite using the TESCAN S9000X
SiAlON ceramics are known for their superior mechanical properties, thermal...
Characterization of micro and nanostructures with TESCAN VEGA3
Nanostructures imaged with the TESCAN VEGA3 at 20 kV and up to 360000 ×...
Characterising beam-sensitive specimens with SEM while keeping excellent image quality and resolution
Observation of nanostructures in uncoated wood specimens at high vacuum with...
Failure analysis of packaging technologies
Imaging of a copper pillar cross-section using the TESCAN XEIA3

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Multi-national company established by the merger of the Czech company TESCAN and the French company ORSAY PHYSICS.
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Q-PHASE for quantitative phase imaging (QPI)

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