Advances in Li-ion battery research using TESCAN instruments

High-Coulombic-Efficiency Carbon/Li Clusters Composite Anode without Precycling or Prelithiation
In this recent research work, the authors discovered a new metastable form of Li, Li clusters, that forms between LiC6 and Li dendrites during over-lithiation. The controlled deposition of Li clusters and facile battery assembly are more feasible than the existing Li-metal-composite anode to practically enhance the energy density of the Li-ion batteries. The morphology characterization was performed with the TESCAN MIRA3 FEG-SEM while the TESCAN GAIA3 Ga FIB-SEM was used for the TOF-SIMS microanalysis.

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Characterizations of CC/Li-metal composite anodes
Characterizations of CC/Li-metal composite anodes