CryoSEM workshop organized in cooperation with Leica Microsystems was successful

A one-day workshop focused on cryo-scanning electron microscopy (Cryo-SEM) held in the newly renovated demonstration labs of TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING in Brno was welcomed with great interest within the scientific community. Organizers added another day, but regardless of their effort they had to limit the number of applicants.

Workshop participants received an introduction to the observation of specimens in a frozen state during the scientific presentations which was followed by practical demonstrations. The interactive part of the workshop was focused on the Cryo-SEM techniques; after high pressure freezing, the sample was moved to cryo sputter coater and freezed at a temperature of -160 °C. The practical part of the workshop was finished with the sample observation in ultra- high resolution microscope TESCAN MAIA3. The participants were allowed to examine the Cryo-preparation on their own.  

Workshop was attended by a number of CryoSEM and cryoTEM experts, other researchers, students and several TESCAN customers. The attendants appreciated the kind atmosphere and the chance to see and test the modern Cryo-technology in practice.  

The workshop created a scientific platform for experience-sharing in CryoSEM and confirmed the strong position of the TESCAN brand in the field of life sciences.  

Cryo-preparation is applied not only in the life sciences, but in the polymer and cosmetics industries as well. By minimizing artifacts typically arising during a standard sample preparation, it is particularly suitable for the characterization of samples with high water content, such as cellular materials, but also various types of emulsions, creams, paints, etc.

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