Czech Brain Award goes for the developers of Q-PHASE's working principle

Professor Radim Chmelik and his team from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Brno University of Technology has been awarded with a prestigious “Czech Brain Kapsch Prize Invention Award” for his achievements in the field of holographic microscopy and label-free imaging. The "Czech Brain Awards" is one of the highest honors awarded to scientists in the Czech Republic, with the main objective of popularization of science and technology in the country.
The unique concept of coherence controlled holography developed by Prof. Chmelik’s group has been used in the TESCAN Q-PHASE holographic microscope. This  microscope – which is already a part of TESCAN’s Life Science product portfolio – is a dedicated tool for automated, label free imaging cytometry. The Q-PHASE includes quantitative phase imaging modes with fully integrated multi-channel fluorescence and simulated DIC imaging options. The primary applications are high contrast long time lapse imaging of cell behavior, including monitoring cell’s processes such as mitosis, cellular deaths, growth, motility or morphology changes, imaging cells in extracellular matrices.

(Czech brain award site)