Detection and quantification of changes in dynamic and morphological parameters during cell death processes

Non-invasive and label-free detection of cell death
Quantitative phase imaging (QPI) provided by Q-PHASE, a TESCAN multimodal holographic microscope, allows precise detection and quantification of changes in cell dry mass and related morphological parameters specific to cell death. Thus, individual phases of cell death can be easily distinguished based on the monitoring of a single cell behavior over time. Using the Q-PHASE, significant changes of cellular parame­ters have been detected in human prostate adenocarcinoma LNCaP cells treated with a chemotherapy drug doxorubicin (DOX).

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Application Example

Q-PHASE enables easy and fast detection of specific cell death without any need for labeling nor additional damage to cells. Thanks to the quantitative phase imaging and advanced analysis software, Q-PHASE provides pre­cise information on morphological changes and dynamics of individual cells during cell death processes. Data obtained by Q-PHASE could help researches not only to distinguish between different types of cell death, but also to assess the rate of cell reactions to drug treatment or other stress conditions, and answer the questions of cancer cell behavior.
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