Fabrication of high-quality Ga-free microstructures with the TESCAN Xe Plasma FIB

Hall probe preparation from TaP using Xe Plasma FIB
Hall probes are transducers which can vary their output voltage in response to the proximity of a magnetic field via a mechanism known as the Hall Effect. As Hall probes produce electronic responses to magnetism they are an ideal sensing technology for the detection of magnetic fields. Fabricating a micro-scale Hall probe with a Focused Ion Beam (FIB) is a challenging task since requires precise milling without introducing changes in physical properties of the material that is used to produce the probe (such as tantalum phosphide). The TESCAN Xe plasma FIB-SEM XEIA3 microscope is an ideal instrument that makes it possible to prepare high-quality Ga-free microstructures including Hall probes, being the inert and non-metallic nature of Xe ions the guarantee of no FIB-induced changes in potential and current that affect the aimed probe measurements. 

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Hall probe fabricated from an ingot of TaP using the TESCAN Xe plasma FIB SEM XEIA3.

Application Example

Hall probe preparation from TaP using Xe Plasma FIB
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