FIB-SEM tomography of SiAlON-graphene composite using the TESCAN S9000X

SiAlON ceramics are known for their superior mechanical properties, thermal stability, creep resistance and corrosion resistance. Such properties make these ceramics suitable for a variety of applications. Thermal conductivity of SiAlON ceramics could be further improved by using graphene additive. It is then important to properly characterise these compounds (SiAlON-graphene) in order to control and obtain the desired properties. FIB-SEM tomography is a suitable analytical technique that provides unique 3D structur­al information at microscale with nanoscale resolution. The new TESCAN S9000X is a FIB-SEM analytical platform that combines the next generation Triglav™ UHR SEM column with the new iFIB+™ Xe plasma FIB column. The S9000X has it all what it takes to be ideal for ultra-fast large-scale FIB-SEM to­mography with high-spatial resolution and excellent contrast.
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Application Example

FIB-SEM tomography of SiAlON graphene composite using the TESCAN S9000X
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