Understanding aging mechanisms of Li-ion batteries with the new TESCAN S8000G

Inspection of the internal structure of electrodes in Li-ion batteries with the new TESCAN S8000G FIB-SEM system
Nowadays Li-ion batteries are used as power source in countless electronic devices. Research efforts are focused on improving performance and lifetime of such batteries. Understanding aging processes of electrodes of these batteries are key to achieve these goals. The TESCAN S8000G FIB-SEM has it all to study changes in the internal structure of Li-ion battery electrodes during their lifetime. Excellent imaging quality at low beam energies and robust detection system to observe beam-sensitive structures in electrodes. In terms of sample preparation, the TESCAN S8000G is a guarantee of first-class quality and high throughput. Site-specific and high-quality TEM specimens can be easily prepared with ultimate precision while large-area cross-sections can be rapidly completed at maximum currents up to 100 nA. FIB-SEM tomography is yet another technique for unique 3D microanalysis that becomes available with the TESCAN S8000G thus helping researchers understand changes in microstructure of electrodes at different cycles.

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Cathode of a Li-ion battery imaged at 2 keV with the E-T detector (left), and, with the Multidetector with the energy-filtering grid ON to detect BSE signal (right).

50-μm long cross-section prepared with Orage™, the new Ga FIB column in TESCAN S8000G enabling current ion beams up to 100 nA.

Application Example

Inspection of Li-ion batteries structure with the new TESCAN S8000G FIB-SEM system
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