TESCAN at the conference in Montreal, Quebec

The Microscopy Society of Canada held a joint meeting with the Canadian Cytometry and Microscopy Association on May 9-12, 2017.
The conference consisted of multiple plenary speakers, parallel sessions, and workshops including electron microscopy, confocal and fluorescence microscopy, and flow cytometry of biological and materials science samples.

TESCAN USA, along with our Canadian representatives, Soquelec, participated in the full conference, including showing attendees the TESCAN VEGA3 SEM that was located in our booth. Having a full size SEM present at the meeting generated excitement and piqued the interest in attendees across all fields of research. Several demonstrations by Lisa Chan, TESCAN USA applications specialist, were conducted as well.
Lisa Chan was also involved with two workshops held in conjunction with the conference. The first workshop focused on Electron Beam Lithography hosted by Soquelec and McGill University and included a hands-on demonstration with the TESCAN MIRA3 XMH located at the McGill Microfabrication facility in the M.H. Wong Building. The second workshop was focused on “Advances in 3D Imaging Methods” where Lisa presented a talk on Large Volume Tomography with the Xe-plasma FIB.

LisaDemoMSC.JPG LisaChanPresentationMSC.jpg

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