TESCAN releases the new HADF R-STEM detector

TESCAN is proud to announce the release of a new detector, the High Angle Dark Field Retractable STEM Detector (HADF R-STEM). This detector offers all the capabilities of the standard fixed TESCAN STEM detector with the extra advantage of retractability and the acquisition of HADF signal.

The HADF R-STEM detector combines the principles of TEM with that of SEM allowing every TESCAN SEM and FIB-SEM system to be turned into a (low energy) STEM platform. With the HADF R-STEM detector you can enhance the SEM analysis (SE, BSE, EDX, EBSD) of your thin-sliced samples by adding the unique information that only transmitted electrons can provide. Furthermore, a TESCAN FIB-SEM system equipped with the HADF R-STEM detector enables the preparation and analysis of lamellae in a single instrument.

This detector represents a concrete and efficient solution for those research facilities that have no TEM infrastructure but nonetheless have the same needs for sample analysis. The HADF R-STEM detector is undoubtedly a valuable tool for those laboratories involved in cutting-edge research in life sciences, materials science and the semiconductor industry.

The main features of the HADF R-STEM detector include:

  • Observation of multiple samples without braking the chamber vacuum
  • Simultaneous acquisition of bright field (BF), dark field (DF) and high angle dark field (HADF) signals which provide valuable information such as Bragg-diffraction orientation contrast and material contrast
  • Lifting up and down of the sample relative to the detector in order to reach the best imaging conditions
  • Tilting of the sample independently of the detector
  • Improved geometry of the sample holders for EDX analysis
  • Two different sample holders:
    • multiple sample holder: for up to 8 TEM standard grids and compatible with the LM, XM and GM chambers
    • TEM lamella holder: a system of exchangeable single grid holders optimised for easy handling and lift-out grids manipulations. Compatible with the XM and GM chambers

This new detector has been designed with respect to a broad range of SEM applications in diverse fields of science and industry enabling the performance of tasks, such as the investigation of the ultrastructure of biological samples, rigorous failure analysis of logical devices in the semiconductor industry or characterisation and research in material engineering.

High Angle Dark Field Retractable STEM Detector (HADF R-STEM)
High Angle Dark Field Retractable STEM Detector (HADF R-STEM)