TESCAN USA partners with SOQUELEC to promote and sell its products in Canada

TESCAN USA is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership agreement with SOQUELEC to sell and promote TESCAN products to all of Canada. TESCAN is a manufacturer of scientific equipment sold worldwide and SOQUELEC specializes in the sales and service of scientific equipment with an emphasis on electron microscopy. SOQUELEC has been involved in over 200 electron microscopy and microbeam installations over the past 40 years in various laboratories across Canada.

We are very pleased to partner with TESCAN. This relationship provides us the opportunity to offer a complete set of analytical solutions to the Canadian scientific and industrial communities. We strongly believe that the marketplace will benefit from TESCAN’s products and increased presence,” says Marc Slakmon, President of SOQUELEC.

 “We are very excited about the partnership with SOQUELEC. Their market outreach, being a single source provider to customers’ needs, and dedication to users, will be precursors to a new level of success for TESCAN in Canada,” says Michal Rabara, President and CEO of TESCAN USA.  

This partnership is effective immediately and both organizations look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership to grow the business and brand of TESCAN in North America.


TESCAN is one of the global suppliers of scientific instruments. The company has built its reputation and brand name in the field of designing and manufacturing scanning electron microscopes and specialized system solutions for different applications.

The company is focused on research, development and manufacturing of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment such as:

  • scanning electron microscopes
  • supplementary accessories for SEMs
  • light optical microscopy accessories and image processing
  • focused ion beam workstations
  • special vacuum chambers and custom systems
  • scientific hardware and software development


SOQUELEC specializes in the sales and service of scientific equipment for applications in materials and life sciences with emphasis on digital imaging technology including Electron Microscopy, AFM, SPM, 2D and 3D X-Ray, and related sample preparation technology. 

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