TESCAN at Pittcon 2017
The exhibition took place from March 6th-9th, 2017
Low-cost adsorbents for cleaning contaminated waters
Characterisation of rice husks with TESCAN SEM VEGA3 XMU
Development of mineral classification schemes
Classifying minerals of Brazilian provenance with TIMA
TESCAN solution for large wafer inspection
High Resolution Large Format Imaging for Die Inspection  
Plasma FIB and failure analysis in semiconductors
Visualization of doped active regions in semiconductor devices
TESCAN TIMA-X installed in Tanzania
African Minerals and Geosciences Centre has new scanning electron microscope
EDS and EBSD on the FIB-SEM workstation workshop
Joint TESCAN and EDAX workshop at the University of Maryland
New application example on FIB-SEM tomography
Check out the new application example on FIB-SEM tomography of wood revealing...
Developing new nano- and photo-catalysts
TESCAN FIB-SEM FERA3 used for morphological and elemental composition...
Workshop at Colorado School of Mines
TESCAN TIMA in action

Tescan websites
Multi-national company established by the merger of the Czech company TESCAN and the French company ORSAY PHYSICS.
Q-PHASE for quantitative phase imaging (QPI)

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