Characterising beam-sensitive specimens with SEM while keeping excellent image quality and resolution
Observation of nanostructures in uncoated wood specimens at high vacuum with...
Failure analysis of packaging technologies
Imaging of a copper pillar cross-section using the TESCAN XEIA3
Understanding mechanisms of tumor cells
Visualization of the QD-immunostained somatostatin hormone using the ultra...
Non-destructive inspection of semiconductor devices
High resolution large format imaging for die inspection with TESCAN Image...
Control quality of nanofibers with the TESCAN VEGA3 SEM
Polyamide nanofibers for nanofibrous membranes with silver nanoparticles
Imaging nanocrystalline diamond with the new TESCAN S8000 microscope
Surface characterisation of nanocrystalline diamonds
A Good Practice Guide for measuring residual stresses using Focused Ion Beam Digital Imaging Correlation
FIB micro-milling for intrinsic stress evaluation at the sub-micron scale...

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Multi-national company established by the merger of the Czech company TESCAN and the French company ORSAY PHYSICS.
Q-PHASE for quantitative phase imaging (QPI)

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