Beam blanker

Scanning electron microscopes are used for detailed study of samples from different kinds of materials (e.g. metals and their alloys, polymers, ceramics, biological samples, nanoparticles, nanofibers, etc.). Some applications require that only certain areas of the sample are exposed to the electron beam, while other areas are protected from exposure.
Beam Blanker is used to divert the electron beam from the optical axis of the SEM column thus preventing electrons from reaching the sample surface. The Beam Blanker is suitable for the following applications:
  • Electron beam lithography - blocking the beam between the individual objects in the pattern
  • Sensitive samples - to prevent their contamination or degradation and reduced charging effects.
TESCAN offers two types of Beam Blanker: electromagnetic and electrostatic.
  • The electromagnetic Beam Blanker is a standard accessory of all TESCAN microscopes.
  • The electrostatic Beam Blanker is an optional accessory.
When using only electromagnetic beam blanking, some electrons can still fall on unwanted areas of the sample surface. Therefore, the combination of both Beam Blankers is best for achieving the highest quality of electron beam deflection (e.g. fast and complete blanking). Electron beam lithography applications require having both types of Beam Blanker.

Beam blanker
Beam blanker