DrawBeam Software

DrawBeam is powerful and user-friendly software for advanced patterning in SEM and FIB-SEM lithographic applications. This software module fully controls electron and ions beams as well as stage and gas injection system (GIS). DrawBeam enables applications such as electron beam lithography (EBL), FIB patterning, cross-sectioning, lamella preparation, circuit editing, and delayering.
DrawBeam module allows the exposition of different patterns such as points, lines, crosses, rectangles, circles, annulus, void objects and alignment marks. Uploading bitmaps or txt files for personalised milling is also possible. All the patterns are organised in layers, which also store process type (e.g. deposition, milling etc.) as well as exposure parameters (scanning path, dwell time, exposition pitch etc.). A batch of layers can be run in an automatic way. Each DrawBeam project can be stored preserving all parameters and recalled easily.

Processes implemented with DrawBeam:
  • Electron Exposition (Electron Beam Lithography)
  • Electron Etching (+GIS)
  • Electron Deposition (+GIS)
  • Ion Etching (+FIB)
  • Ion Deposition (+FIB +GIS)

Key Features

  • DrawBeam contains a built-in material database.
  • DrawBeam performs slope correction of a trench in order to optimise time of milling and prevent redeposition artefacts.
  • DrawBeam performs proximity effect correction in lithography.
  • The DrawBeam module contains a function for accurate endpoint detection.
  • DrawBeam enables live imaging which is ideal for those challenging milling tasks which require ultimate precision such as advanced circuit edit or delayering processes in state-of-the-art integrated circuits.
  • In addition, the Rocking Stage (TESCAN solutions to eliminate curtaining artefacts during surface FIB-polishing) is fully integrated with Draw-Beam for ultimate milling application automation.

DrawBeam can be installed in all TESCAN SEM and FIB-SEM systems.
There are three versions available:
  • Basic
  • Advanced - Designed for users who need to create more complex structures with higher speed and accuracy. 
  • Off-line – This version allows creating patterning projects/tasks outside the microscope thus saving valuable analytical time of the microscope.
DrawBeam Software