Flood gun

When a sample contains insulating ma­terials in its composition, the low energy electron Flood Gun can be used to provide charge neutralisation during FIB milling.
The Flood Gun ensures a stable electron current in the low energy range and homogeneous current densities, which makes it an ideal tool for effective charge neutralisation for highly insulating materials during FIB imaging and machining.
The Flood Gun has proven to provide charge compensation even at high beam current of 2 μA achieved by the TESCAN Xe plasma FIBs (FERA3 and XEIA3). 

The Flood Gun is fully integrated into any TESCAN FIB-SEM system and controlled by the Flood Gun software module incorporated into the main microscope software.
Flood gun
Flood gun

Related Application Notes

FIB milling of non-conductive samples
Using FIB on non-conductive samples is a challenging task, because of charging. The charging can affect the beam positioning in an unexpected way. On some materials a periodical drift correction is sufficient, on others, some kind of charge compensation has to be used. The electron beam from the SEM or an electron flood gun are used as an effective charge compensation tool.
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