Load lock

The Load Lock is an optional accessory for TESCAN systems. It allows quick sample exchange without the necessity of venting the chamber.
The Load Lock is fully integrated into the automatic vacuum system of the microscope. The Load Lock is used for demanding applications where the duration for specimen exchange should be kept to a minimum or where a significant low of vacuum is not desirable / acceptable during specimen exchange.


  • The design of the loading chamber provides the user with the possibility to exchange up to 7 samples at once, can handle samples of up to 100 mm diameter, and up to 4” wafers.
  • Suitable for demanding applications where the time taken for sample exchange should be kept as short as possible.
  • Ideal for applications in which minimal vacuum loss during specimen exchange is of the utmost importance (e.g. FIB-SEM).
  • Usage of the Load Lock significantly helps keep the chamber clean.
  • Automatic and manual options available
Load lock
Load lock