The TESCAN nanomanipulator is an optional accessory extending the TESCAN SEM or FIB-SEM capabilities.
It is based on piezo nanomanipulators from well-established company SmarAct that are OEM tailored for TESCAN systems. The nanomanipulator brings a high precision handling for applications like in-situ TEM lamellas lift-out or manipulation with larger blocks or nanowires. Moreover, the TESCAN nanomanipulator allows fast and easy electrical probing e.g. in combination with TESCAN EBIC measurement or advanced nano-probing using external measurement devices with up to 4 nanomanipulators. Together with software integrated control, the TESCAN nanomanipulator is the ideal solution for a variety of FIB and SEMs applications.


  • Easy-to-use navigation using Cartesian movements
  • High precision absolute positioning
  • Automatic fast and secure tip approach
  • Integrated control into the TESCAN SEM Control Panel
  • In-chamber mounting does not occupy any flange and avoids transfer of external vibrations
  • Up to 4 manipulators can be attached within one chamber
  • Easy to alternate SW control and hand control with joysticks