Rocking stage

An effective and optimised polishing strategy against curtaining.
The TESCAN Rock­ing Stage allows multi-direc­tional milling by tilting the sample during surface FIB polishing while making simultaneous SEM imaging possible (impossible to implement with a conventional eucentric sample stage). It has proven to be an effective and optimised method for eliminating curtaining during polishing process of cross-sections and TEM lamellae.


  • Unique multi-tilt sample stage – the Rocking Stage allows for tilting the sample about an axis perpendicular to the cross-section plane in all directions
  • Piezo-drives for enabling precise 6-axis movements
  • Absolute control of the entire cross-sectioning process in real time by SEM imaging
  • Significant reduction of the curtaining effect
  • Reliable end-point detection achieved with the assistance of SEM imaging at all times during milling operations
  • SW wizard for guiding the user in setting up the Rocking Stage
  • Integration with DrawBeam – the Rocking Stage is fully integrated with Draw-Beam for ultimate milling application automation

Rocking Stage combined with Xe plasma ion source FIB (FERA3 and XEIA3)

  • Polishing of cross-sections
  • Polishing of TEM lamellae (the Top-down TEM lamella thinning technique can also be implemented)

Rocking Stage combined with Ga ion source FIB (LYRA3 and GAIA3)

  • Horizontal planar delayering
  • Top-down TEM lamella thinning
  • Polishing of cross-sections

Rocking stage
A cross-section of a Cu pillar after using the Rocking Stage