Light Microscopy - Q-PHASE

TESCAN expands into the field of advanced light microscopy by delivering an innovative and revolutionary instrument top of its class, the Q-PHASE. It is a unique Multimodal Holographic Microscope for Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) and life sciences. It is based on a patented technology of coherence-controlled holographic microscopy. Such technique uses an incoherent light source (i.e. a halogen lamp or LED) to generate high quality QPI images without any compromise. Furthermore, it is the only technique which allows for the imaging of samples in scattering media; a completely novel idea in QPI imaging. Q-PHASE enables multiple imaging modes with fully integrated fluorescence, simulated DIC and brightfield imaging. Q-PHASE also enables correlative imaging among its different modalities. These features position Q-PHASE as the instrument of choice for biological and biotechnological research.