AutoLoader is an automated loading system which allows easy, efficient, 24/7 continuous and unattended processing of large sample sets. It is designed for thermionic or field emission TIMA-X analyser configured in the LM chamber.
AutoLoader consists of two parts, sample magazine and loading mechanism.
  • Loading mechanism

Each sample is automatically inserted into specially designed cartridge and pre-cleaned to minimize dust particles on the sample surface. Two high-resolution digital cameras make snapshots of the top and bottom surface of a sample. Sample block ID is automatically detected and its ID is stored. Because of cartridge and loading mechanism clever design, sample surface is safe from scratches, and, moreover, constant working distance is guaranteed for samples of various heights.
  • Sample magazine

The sample magazine is capable to accommodate up to 100 epoxy blocks of a diameter 30 mm or 25 mm and height from 12 to 18 mm. Belt conveyer system is easily accessible for sample loading.
AutoLoader can be used in daily, continuous mineralogy for mine geology/ore control, concentrators, leach operations, and smelter support. It will also increase the capabilities of technical service centers for mining companies, commercial laboratories, large drilling programs or pilot test campaigns. In combination with a highly automated sample preparation lab (sizing, potting and polishing), TIMA-X technology can establish high-throughput and fast-turnaround automated mineralogy lab modules for mine-site production support.