Introducing XEIA3 – Visit us during M&M 2015

During the M&M 2015 to be held in Portland, Oregon, US (August 2-6, 2015) the new TESCAN microscope will be introduced.

Introducing XEIA3 – Visit us during M&M 2015

Reaffirming the commitment to bringing state-of-the-art technology in charged particle optics, TESCAN comes up with yet another first class FIB – SEM platform – XEIA3.

Equipped with an outstanding SEM column with an immerse objective and unparalleled powerful Xe ion plasma source FIB, XEIA3 is predetermined for being used in the most demanding conditions of modern research facilities. Such qualities undoubtedly position XEIA3 as an effective solution that brings both speed and precision in milling / polishing / imaging processes to the extreme.

Come by and visit us in the booth number 873 to see all the benefits of the new XEIA3. For a demo schedule, please feel free to contact us on [email protected].