New R-STEM Detector

TESCAN proudly introduces New Retractable STEM Detector “R-STEM Detector”. The retractable STEM detector (R-STEM) is a new version of the STEM detector in addition to the fixed STEM detector version. The detector is designed with the respect to broad application range of the STEM in SEM/FIB-SEM.

New R-STEM Detector

STEM detector offers great opportunity to acquire TEM comparable images with all advantages of the scanning electron microscope. TESCAN has developed new R-STEM Detector with many new features and improvements. R-STEM can be fully retracted and multiple samples can be observed without opening the chamber.

Two sample holders are available – Multiple Sample Holder and TEM lamella holder. Multiple Sample Holder is designed for up to 8 TEM standard grids to enable quick change of the samples above the detector. TEM lamella holder is optimized for lift out grid manipulation and allows easy sample handling. The geometry for EDX analysis has been improved.