New TESCAN CLARA Ultra-High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope Brings Simplfied User Experience to Materials Science and Battery Research

New TESCAN CLARA Ultra-High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope Brings Simplfied User Experience to Materials Science and Battery Research

Newly designed features of the TESCAN CLARA accelerate time-to-data  
through workflow-optimized automation

 Brno, Czech Republic―May 3, 2023―TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING a.s. today unveiled a new generation of its popular TESCAN CLARA ultra-high resolution (UHR) scanning electron microscope (SEM), which now offers enhanced automation that significantly simplifies use and reduces time-to-data. The new TESCAN CLARA UHR SEM is ideal for research and industrial labs that require a highly versatile, multi-modal instrument that can be used for a variety of applications and by any user.  

With the introduction of the new generation of TESCAN CLARA we have addressed our customers’ desire for a dependable, feature-rich UHR SEM that is also easy to use,” said Petr Klimek, product marketing director, TESCAN. “TESCAN CLARA is the most versatile, high-end SEM on the market when it comes to ultra-high-resolution imaging and contrast methods. In the latest generation tool, we have added new features that make CLARA accessible to any user. The enhanced automation ensures that users will not need to interact and fine-tune the system whenever they change imaging or analytical conditions. This significantly reduces time-to-data and makes the high-end CLARA UHR SEM unintimidating to users of all experience levels and disciplines.” 

CLARA is designed to acquire a high-magnification, high-quality image from any sample―featuring highly competitive resolution specifications at low landing voltages. At the same time, it is designed to enable characterization of specimens with the widest range of contrast methods, including SE, BSE, filtered BSE, angular filtering of SBE, CL and RAMAN.  

Designed by Researchers for Research 

CLARA is hardware- and software-optimized to serve as an open-access platform that can accommodate a variety of customizations by researchers, enabling highly specific hardware setups as well as application-specific software scripting routines.  

For battery research, CLARA offers the ideal price/performance combination and sample flexibility― any battery material can be imaged without prior preparation, including powders, separators, electrode cross-sections, etc.  

For acedemic research labs, CLARA is a highly versatile, high-throughput tool that can be used for a variety of fields and applications, including metal research, energy materials research, nanoprototyping (sensors), geosciences, and more.  

For industrial R&D labs, CLARA is a multi-modal tool that speeds time to data. The system can be used for topography, materials contrast characterization, high-throughput EDS/EBSD, and it can handle delicate imaging of small features (less than 10 nanometers).  

For quality assurance and failure analysis, CLARA offers high-resolution performance, correlative workflows, and sample variability―and new features such as automated alignment and live contrast brightness adjustment make operation of the CLARA even faster and easier than before. 

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TESCAN enables nanoscale investigation and analysis within the geosciences, materials science, life sciences and semiconductor industries. The company has a 30-year history of developing innovative electron microscopy, micro-computed tomography, and related software solutions for customers in research and industry worldwide. For example, TESCAN’s TENSOR is the first 4D-scanning transmission electron microscope (4D-STEM) built from the ground up for a totally new level of performance and user experience. As a result, TESCAN has earned a leading position in micro- and nanotechnology. TESCAN headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic, employs more than 750 people in 13 sites around the world.

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