New TESCAN micro-CT video: Dynamic CT in Additive Manufacturing

New TESCAN micro-CT video: Dynamic CT in Additive Manufacturing

While also providing a flexible imaging space for a wide range of sample sizes and types, TESCAN UniTOM XL unlocks the high temporal resolution required to facilitate the technique of dynamic CT, ideal for collecting continuous and uninterrupted data for true in situ 4D studies.

This latest video from TESCAN provides a short demonstration of dynamic CT in the area of additive manufacturing (AM). In this example, we subjected 3D printed plastic test samples, with different infill patterns, to continuous in situ compressive loading, while collecting 3D data. Through dynamic CT, we are able to obtain clear visualization of the hidden internal structures of these complex parts while they are undergoing deformation. With a temporal resolution of 5.8 seconds/revolution, we were able to obtain over 200 tomograms in just over 20 minutes. The high temporal resolution of TESCAN UniTOM XL, along with specialized in situ hardware and 4D software tools, enables workflows for in situ studies of all types.

3D printed plastic test samples