All-purpose Ga FIB-SEM for cryo and room temperature structural analysis

TESCAN AMBER for Life Sciences represents a cutting-edge Ga FIB-SEM solution that offers multifunctional capabilities for the structural analysis of biological samples. It seamlessly combines the high-precision milling capabilities of a Ga FIB with a BrightBeam™ UHR SEM for sub-surface exploration of a diverse range of biological specimens, both at ambient and cryogenic temperatures. With its exceptional design, TESCAN AMBER effectively caters to the diverse and challenging requirements of research centers and institutes.

TESCAN AMBER offers a variety of features that make it an excellent option for cryo and room temperature structural analysis. Its best-in-class GaFIB Orage™ technology enables precise on-grid cryo-TEM lamellae preparation without any curtaining or other artifacts. The new TESCAN cryo-nanomanipulator, with its smooth and precise movement and intuitive probe tip navigation, makes cryo lift-out effortless. Additionally, TESCAN AMBER provides nanometer-scale resolution for volume reconstructions of samples using the TESCAN 3D tomography software package.

To ensure user safety and efficient exploration of regions of interest, TESCAN AMBER incorporates a unique 3D chamber model that provides collision protection. This invaluable feature enables swift and secure navigation within the system. Furthermore, the modular TESCAN Essence software enhances the overall operational experience by offering a wide array of pre-designed, guided, and customizable workflow templates, streamlining processes for all laboratory personnel.

TESCAN AMBER is an ideal solution for various applications, ranging from nanoscale imaging to routine cross-sectioning, 3D FIB-SEM tomography, and cryo-TEM lamella preparation from cellular plunge-frozen or bulk high-pressure frozen specimens. Whether you are a researcher, scientist, or core facility manager, TESCAN AMBER is the perfect choice to meet your specific needs.

Key Benefits

  • Perform your experiments at ambient or cryogenic temperatures. The multi-functional design of TESCAN AMBER matches the diverse and challenging requirements of research centers and institutes.
  • Prepare precise on-grid cryo-TEM lamellae routinely without curtaining or other artifacts, thanks to best-in-class GaFIB Orage™ ion column
  • Perform cryo lift-out easily using the new TESCAN cryo-nanomanipulator with its smooth, precise movement and intuitive probe tip navigation.
  • Obtain nanometer-scale resolution volume reconstruction of your samples using the TESCAN 3D tomography package

  • Increase your cryo-microscopy productivity with Leica Microsystems GmbH and Quorum Technologies Ltd cryo systems that are fully integrated into the TESCAN hardware and software for convenient and safe microscope operation under cryogenic conditions
  • Navigate to regions of interest quickly and safely with our unique 3D chamber model for collision protection
  • Jumpstart your FIB-SEM work by selecting from a variety of ready-to-use, guided and customizable workflow templates included in TESCAN Essence™ software that allow new users to be productive quickly while letting experts customize the microscope controls
Key Applications

  • Imaging from overview to the nanoscale — and everything in between
  • Routine cross-sectioning and 3D FIB-SEM tomography expand the capabilities of FIB-SEM to a broad range of applications 

  • Cryo FIB-SEM workflows include built-in templates for optimized cryo-TEM lamella preparation of cellular plunge-frozen or bulk high-pressure frozen specimens





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