TESCAN AutoSlicer™

Robust and reliable semi-automated TEM sample preparation

Key Benefits

  • Prepare high quality, ultra-thin TEM samples from sub-10 nm semiconductor technology nodes in less than one hour using advanced dedicated workflows provided by optimized TESCAN Ga FIB-SEM platform
  • Improve sample preparation throughput with fully automated TEM lamella preparation to the undercut in the trench followed by a guided workflow for semiautomated attachment of the lamella to the TEM grid
  • Retain flexibility for advanced TEM lamella preparation thanks to our nanomanipulator in the “below FIB” position, which allows
    preparation of top-down, planar and inverted lamella geometries without need of a flipping device
  • Obtain robust, predictable results on large variety of samples using adjustable reference marks that best suit the sample and its structure


  • Develop custom workflows unique to the samples processed in your lab. User-defined parameters for the automated TEM sample and crosssection preparation can be saved as guided workflows to help assure all samples meet the quality requirements for the type of analysis
  • Perform multi-site, unattended TEM sample
    preparation from multiple areas of interest
    with TESCAN AutoSlicer`s option to specify
    an array of lamellae at different locations
    and from multiple samples, preparing all
    samples in a single batch operation
  • TESCAN AutoSlicer™ is compatible with all
    TESCAN Ga and Plasma FIB-SEM instruments


  • Prepare ultra-thin TEM lamellae, with the minimum amorphous damage from 10 nm FinFET devices
  • High-throughput cross-sectioning, analysis and sample preparation for logic, memory, RF/power compound semiconductors (GaN/SiC) and many other types of semiconductor devices
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    TESCAN AutoSlicer

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