TESCAN Delayering Module

Software module for automated, homogeneous delayering of logic and memory devices using TESCAN Plasma FIB-SEM

The TESCAN Delayering software module for TESCAN Essence provides automated gas-assisted top-down delayering capabilities, , to TESCAN SOLARIS X and AMBER X Plasma FIB instruments. Proprietary gas chemistries combined with the inert ions of Xe plasma FIB provide a powerful solution for creating artifact-free, site-specific trenches for access to deeply buried features or defects.

Like other modules for the TESCAN Essence™ GUI, TESCAN Delayering uses a step-by-step guided wizard to set-up the required delayering process. Factory-defined templates assure consistent application of all delayering parameters. The templates also can provide the starting point for users to develop recipes customized to their own devices. Once the job is set-up, the TESCAN Delayering module executes the process automatically for unattended operation, while the plasma FIB provides rapid material removal without Ga implantation or beam damage. At any time during the delayering process, users may monitor the progress by using signal peak recognition in the end-point-detection curve.

Following delayering, the device is ready for SEM-based in-situ nanoprobing or electrical characterization. If further investigation is required for root cause analysis, users can then perform high throughput cross-sectioning, TEM sample preparation or compositional analysis to gain further insights into the failure or defect.

Key Benefits

  • Maximize both time and resources and improve throughput with this dedicated solution that uses pre-programmed recipes to allow unattended plasma FIB delayering — producing samples with maximum planarity and homogeneity, without altering electrical characteristics
  • Take advantage of the combination of Xe Plasma FIB with TESCAN’s patented, proprietary gas chemistries which are developed specifically for efficient delayering on today’s advanced semiconductor nodes and other devices for rapid, artifact-free layer-by-layer removal.
  • Develop unique recipes to create customized delayering processes using factory-defined templates as the starting point, thus assuring consistent application of all delayering parameters
  • Monitor the progress of automated delayering by using signal peak recognition in the end-point-detection (EPD) curve of the TESCAN Delayering module
  • Perform automated delayering with the assurance that the delayering process will stop before reaching the target layer
  • TESCAN’s R&D team has developed chemistries for delayering today’s advanced technology nodes, including sub-10 nm integrated circuits, sub-14 nm FinFET devices, 3D NAND memory devices and 22+ nm technology nodes.
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