Automated high-resolution serial sectioning, imaging and data collection made easy

FIB-SEM Tomography is an essential technique for fully understanding a sample’s structure, composition and any surface or sub-surface defects or failures, in volumetric context – at the high resolution provided by scanning electron microscopy. TESCAN offers two choices for FIB-SEM Tomography software which, when paired with TESCAN’s 3D Volume Analysis software, produce high-resolution reconstructed 3D volume renderings and images.

TESCAN’s FIB-SEM Tomography package supports a routine “slice & view” serial-sectioning technique for basic 3D image acquisition requirements. Step-by-step guided workflows make it fast and easy for all operators to select the appropriate acquisition parameters. Recently, several improvements were added for high resolution tomography acquisitions like fine autofocus or Ga source auto-heating for data collection requiring greater than 60 hours to complete.

TESCAN FIB-SEM Tomography Advanced adds capabilities like multi-modal data acquisition at varying conditions and 3D microanalytical dataset acquisition, such as 3D EDS or 3D EBSD. For TESCAN Plasma FIB-SEM users, new support for TESCAN’s Rocking Stage means improved speed and quality during large volume data acquisition.

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