TESCAN Large Volume Workflow

The synergy of Plasma FIB-SEM, a stand-alone laser and other F/A tools for millimeter-scale sample preparation and analysis

In semiconductor, automotive, and aerospace industries and their related research fields, there is an increasing need for large volume material removal to reach ROIs faster for failure analysis and defect root-cause. Up to now, this capability was well served by proven Plasma FIB technology, which covers sub-mm spatial dimensions. Recently, however, industry and research activities have moved toward larger sample dimensions and even the Plasma FIB at times was unable to achieve the desired time-to-result. Adding the thousands of times faster laser ablation technique to your Plasma FIB sample analysis workflow speeds the time to premium results while opening new synergies among instrumentation in your F/A laboratory.

Die deep cross section

RV770 GPU. 4 mm deep cross section through the entire die, including the PCB. Ablation time 40 minutes.

Overview of 4 mm wide cut through 7 x Ø500 μm solder balls. Ablation time 20 minutes.

Polishing of plane of TSVs simplified by taper angle correction already in laser ablation process.

10 min LA
120 min Plasma FIB
80% time saving (reference – use of Plasma FIB only)

Advanced die integration: high quality multi-scale FA

Fig.1: Logic part of the device
Fig.2: Deep cross-section cleanly polished top-to-bottom in one run
Fig.3: Void at the interface of matel layers

10 min LA
90 min Plasma FIB
70% time saving (reference – use of Plasma FIB only)

Display - AMOLED

Fig.1: Smart phone display tens of cm
Fig.2: 2 cm x 2 cm cut by laser
Fig.3: Laser polishing with added taper angle
Fig.4: 0.5 mm Plasma FIB polished cross-section
Fig.5: Detail of the high-quality Plasma FIB polished cross section

74 min LA
165 min Plasma FIB
95% time saving (reference – use of Plasma FIB only)

TESCAN Webinar:

Faster mm-scale Semiconductor Failure Analysis by Combining Plasma FIB Milling and Laser Ablation

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