TESCAN Nanomanipulator

Smooth, predictable movement and easy operation from within TESCAN Essence

TESCAN Nanomanipulator makes TEM sample lift-out and manipulation faster and easier for TESCAN SEM and FIB-SEM users. With a new design for reduced vibration, TESCAN Nanomanipulator delivers steady and predictable movements along all axes.  TESCAN Nanomanipulator is controlled directly from a module within the Essence™ GUI for maximum operational continuity, without the need to leave the microscope control software.

TESCAN Nanomanipulator provides movement along the X, Y and Z axes to support TEM lamella lift-out, nanomanipulation for prototyping applications, precise Si mask placement within the TESCAN TRUE-X sectioning method for curtaining suppression at very high Plasma-FIB milling rates and localized charge dissipation. The Nanomanipulator software module also offers several productivity enhancements, like navigation by mouse gesture and pre-defined manipulator positions.

TESCAN Nanomanipulator is designed to allow users to replace probe tips without special tools. The Nanomanipulator`s arm can be unmounted from inside the chamber for fast and easy probe tip exchange outside the chamber.


  • Perform lift-out and TEM sample transfer without experiencing excessive vibration during probe movement
  • Improve sample preparation throughput by utilizing predefined nanomanipulator positions such as parking, standby, and working
  • Guide movement and positioning of the probe tip at the desired point on your sample with mouse gesture support
  • Control the TESCAN Nanomanipulator from within the TESCAN Essence GUI for the speed and convenience of operation from a single user interface
  • Exchange probe tips easily outside the chamber thanks to TESCAN Nanomanipulator’s removable arm



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