Compact analytical SEM for routine materials characterization, research and quality control applications at the micron scale

Proving that entry-level doesn’t have to mean compromising on results, TESCAN VEGA Compact offers a complete analytical SEM solution for laboratories that place a priority on both easy operation and quick time to high quality images and compositional (EDS) analysis.

TESCAN VEGA Compact features a simplified configuration that includes only the most critical components for efficiently capturing morphological and elemental data, allowing TESCAN VEGA Compact to occupy a smaller footprint in the lab. With the ability to accommodate large-sized samples that are common in industry, materials science and semiconductors — like metallurgical cross-sections, welded structures, or printed circuit boards – TESCAN VEGA Compact is a great choice for not only your current materials inspection, quality control and failure analysis needs, but also your future analytical needs.

TESCAN VEGA Compact operates from TESCAN’s own full-featured graphical user interface, TESCAN Essence™, which is at the heart of all TESCAN SEM and FIB-SEM instruments. An operator who learns on TESCAN VEGA Compact can easily make the transition to other TESCAN microscopes or adapt some features of the Essence software environment to match the GUI of other instruments in the lab.

Key Benefits

  • Process samples faster with VEGA Compact’s large chamber, which offers the space for analyzing multiple samples or large samples, as well as true high vacuum for dependable EDS results
  • Easily acquire compositional data and directly correlate it to the SEM image using the overlay feature of TESCAN’s optional, fully integrated Essence™ EDS
  • Set-up beam parameters quickly for optimal imaging and analytical conditions with TESCAN´s In-Flight Beam Tracing™
  • Navigate effortlessly and precisely – at magnifications as low as 2x – with TESCAN´s unique Wide Field Optics™ mode, which eliminates the need for an additional optical camera 
  • Move samples confidently and avoid collisions using TESCAN’s unique live 3D collision model which replicates the size and geometry of samples and detectors within the chamber interior
  • Customize the GUI to match a user‘s experience level and application for intuitive operation of TESCAN´s Essence™ microscope control software
  • Save cost and reduce your ecological footprint using TESCAN’S optional vacuum buffer that significantly reduces vacuum rotary pump run-time 

VEGA Compact offers ease of use and an outstanding price–performance ratio which makes it best choice when considering alternatives to tabletop systems

VEGA Compact is rich in features that deliver great value for common sample characterization workflows. The advantages become more evident when comparing the imaging and analysis features of VEGA Compact to those of a tabletop system. For a more detailed comparison, download flyer below.

  Key features valued in SEM materials characterization TableTop VEGA Compact
Larger chamber size with 5-axis compucentric fully motorized stage Take advantage of more choices for investigating samples of varying size, form and type. The larger chamber and stage can handle multiple standard stubs; several polished cross-sectional samples, or complex samples like welded parts, can be inserted together and analyzed without need for their manual readjustment.


High resolution and magnification up to 1,000,000x Reveal details down to the range of few nanometers and obtain maximum image quality with a magnification range that will serve both your current and future sample characterization demands.


Accelerating voltage down to 200 eV and up to 30 keV Reveal the finest topographic details by using a low accelerating voltage, which guarantees maximum surface information from your samples. Or obtain  accurate EDS analysis of heavy elements requiring 30 keV accelerating voltage. A broad voltage range means more freedom in characterization.


Two standard detectors: SE and four quadrant BSE Obtain proper topographic and elemental contrast information from a single area on your samples with an acquisition scan using simultaneous secondary electron (SE) and four quadrant backscattered electron (BSE) detection.


? – Some table top systems may have one or two of these features but only VEGA COMPACT combines them all in one system


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  • TESCAN Wide Field Mode

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