Scientists at NASA leaping into nanospace

TESCAN FEG UHR SEM MAIA used for characterisation of nanoparticles

Scientists at NASA leaping into nanospace

Scientists of the Glenn Research Center at NASA in Ohio have just acquired a TESCAN MAIA3, a scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipped with the Triglav™ ultra-high resolution (UHR) SEM column. The researchers will use the TESCAN MAIA3 microscope to analyse porous nanoscale structures of aerogels in clear detail. Aerogels are a class of lightweight materials typically made from silica and alumina with a sponge-like structure with pores of 10 to 50 nm wide. The outstanding resolution of 1 nm at 1 keV and variable pressure capabilities are key features to image (at low kV) and characterise pores in aerogels and also nano-sized particles without damaging the samples.

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