TESCAN LYRA3: Experience a TEM lamella preparation workflow

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TESCAN LYRA3: Experience a TEM lamella preparation workflow

This is a series of three videos prepared by Kim Kuhlman, a senior scientist at the Planetary Science Institute, Tucson, USA. In these vides the full workflow to prepare a TEM specimen is presented; from deposition of a protective layer on the region of interest on the sample surface to the final TEM lamella polishing on the TEM grid. The process is perfomed using the TESCAN FIB-SEM LYRA3.

The content of the videos is as follows:

The first video demonstrates the roughing out of a lamella for a scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) specimen of orthopyroxyene (Opx). Orthopyroxene is a silicate mineral of interest in our space weathering experiments using low energy implantation of hydrogen and helium.

The second video demonstrates the lift-out procedure of the TEM lamella.

The third video demonstrates the welding of the TEM specimen lamella onto a TEM grid using platinum deposition and then thinning it to electron transparency.