TESCAN TENSOR Performance Webinar

TESCAN TENSOR Performance Webinar

This webinar will present the key technical concepts of a modern 4D-STEM instrument, the integration of analytical capabilities, and the synchronization of components in the electron optical system, to unlock the full potential of a 4D-STEM designed from the ground up. We will discuss the key integrated components of the system, the design decisions we made, and how this has affected STEM, 4D-STEM, and Tomography analysis speed, quality of data, and usability.

TESCAN TENSOR Performance Webinar | December 6 | 09:00 AM CET

TESCAN TENSOR Performance Webinar | December 6 | 5:00 PM CET


Petr Mareš is the Product Manager of TESCAN TENSOR. He has a background in engineering physics and surface science from Brno University of Technology (CZ). Petr led the development and integration of the detector components of TESCAN TENSOR.

Petr Mareš