TESCAN TENSOR Usability Webinar

TESCAN TENSOR Usability Webinar

This webinar will provide insights into the usability attributes of TESCAN TENSOR, and how the design of a true novel approach to STEM User Experience was influenced by the many years of the combined expertise of Systems Automation and TEM User Experience in the TESCAN Tempe group, led by JK Weiss. The result is a STEM designed for high-quality results that anyone can produce quickly.

TESCAN TENSOR Usability Webinar | December 15 | 09:00 AM CET

TESCAN TENSOR Usability Webinar | December 15 | 5:00 PM CET


Jon Karl (JK) Weiss is the General Manager and Group Leader of the TESCAN Tempe R&D group. He has a long background in TEM automation and software development that goes back to the 90s when he was at Emispec and later AppFive, now TESCAN Tempe. During these years, he has also accumulated expert application knowledge about (S)TEM analysis techniques such as precession electron diffraction, and 4D-STEM measurements such as Strain, and EELS.

JK Weiss