TESCAN’s CEO Jaroslav Klima was named Excellent manager

The awards of the Czech competition Manager of the Year were presented at a ceremony on 25 April at Zofin Palace in Prague with the attendance of the Czech President Miloš Zeman. This year, 198 managers were nominated and top 28 of them were awarded.

TESCAN’s CEO Jaroslav Klima was named Excellent manager

TESCAN’s chairman Jaroslav Klima succeeded not only as an Excellent manager of a medium size business with up to 250 employees, but he also became the best manager in the field of Manufacture of electrical equipment and devices, and was placed among the top 10 managers of this year. After being awarded as an Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 in the South Moravian Region and Technology Entrepreneur of the year 2011 in the Czech Republic, Klima reaffirmed a strong position of TESCAN as one of the most successful and leading Czech companies.

The competition of the most important and most successful managers in the Czech Republic named Manager of the Year is held every year since 1993 by the Association of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Confederation of Employers’ and Entrepreneurs’ Associations of the Czech Republic and the Czech Management Association. The Evaluating Commission judges the finalists based on a total of 30 criteria. The winners in each category are then selected by the National Commission.

Manager of the Year aims to objectively and independently select and highlight the best leaders and prominent personalities whose management methods are beneficial to the development of their companies, economy and society. Evaluation of each participant or later finalists subject to strict criteria, namely the assessment of strategic and inventive thinking, ethics and fairness in business, business results, social benefits, environmental approach and personal approach of the manager. The part of the evaluation process is also a management audit on site. Objective and independent evaluation of the manager’s personality then allows make visible the best ones of them, present the results of their work to a wider audience and to highlight their role in the development of the Czech economy.