TESCAN’s CEO Jaroslav Klima was named Technology Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 in the Czech Republic

The award was presented to him at a ceremony on 15 February at Zofin Palace in Prague by the chairman of the jury Ivan Pilny, president of TUESDAY Business Network, and Stepan Lacina, CEO of Accredio. Jaroslav Klíma was also shortlisted for the main Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 award. He had previously won the Regional Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 in the South Moravian Region.

TESCAN’s CEO Jaroslav Klima was named Technology Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 in the Czech Republic

TESCAN, a Czech company, is one of the global suppliers of scientific instrumentation, particularly focusing on developing and manufacturing scanning electron microscopes and their applications for various purposes. According to Jaroslav Klima, the essential features for success are education and experience in the field, good relations with scientific institutions and companies, as well as continual development and innovation of the product portfolio. “We keep up with our competitors, which are big multinational companies in terms of the number of their staff and products, thanks to our high quality and flexibility. We are eager to meet each customer’s requirement, even if they might be quite specific at times,” says Jaroslav Klima. His vision of the company’s future is based on increasing focus on research and perfecting technologies.

During the 20 years of its existence, TESCAN has become a company with modern production plants and has built a team of well-educated and expert employees which nowadays comprises about two hundred people. TESCAN has also created a worldwide sales network, having delivered more than one thousand microscopes to users in nearly 60 countries all over the world. Almost all of the company’s production is exported: TESCAN devices are used in forensic laboratories in the USA or Russia, industrial manufacturers or research institutions in Asia and Europe, among others.

The Technology Entrepreneur of the Year Award can be presented to any participant of the Entrepreneur of the Year competition whose company operates in the field of modern technologies or makes a substantial use of modern technologies in its main entrepreneurial activity. The jury takes into account the degree of integration of modern technologies in the company processes or the impact of technologies on the company’s economic results.

The Entrepreneur Of The Year award was founded by Ernst & Young in the USA in 1986. The competition has become world-renowned and is nowadays held in nearly 50 countries on six continents, with the Czech Republic being one of these countries since 2000. The goal of the competition is to make the public aware of successful, inspiring individuals in the field of business and to present their personal stories, which can make them role models for young entrepreneurs or everyone who is just getting started with their business.