TESCAN’s sales almost doubled in 2011

TESCAN recorded almost 80% increase in sales in 2011 as against the previous year. In 2010, its sales revenues were around 15 million euros, while last year, the figure rose to about 28 million. TESCAN CEO Jaroslav Klima pointed out, “The company’s growth accelerated last year. The 80 % is a clear evidence of the great effort and high quality work of all TESCAN staff.”

TESCAN’s sales almost doubled in 2011

Another increase in the number of company staff goes hand in hand with the growing sales. While at the end of 2010, TESCAN had 112 employees, it employed a total of 152 people at the end of 2011, which constitutes an annual increase of 35 %. The company is growing further, as shown by the ever-increasing number of staff to 162 in the first quarter of 2012, as well as sales revenues, which have risen by 25 % compared to the first quarter of 2011.

TESCAN’s success is also emphasized by the fact that Jaroslav Klima received the prestigious award Technology Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 in the Czech Republic as well as the Regional Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 and 2009 in the South Moravian Region award. Both awards are presented as part of the world-renowned Entrepreneur of the Year competition, held every year by Ernst & Young.

TESCAN microscopes are used worldwide by companies and science institutions specializing in nanotechnologies or materials science. Its customers include companies in the USA, Russia, Germany and recently also China. Meanwhile, TESCAN has also successfully entered other promising markets, in Latin America among others, where they have recorded good sales numbers in Brazil and Peru in particular. Sales of devices to Australia have been restored as well.

About the company: TESCAN a.s. is a Czech company, a world-leading manufacturer and provider of scientific instrumentation. In the 20 years of its existence, the TESCAN brand has become well-known particularly in manufacturing scanning electron microscopes and their applications for various purposes.

TESCAN was founded in 1991 by a group of five former employees of Tesla Brno as a small company for manufacturing programmable control units for general purposes, upgrading analogue scanning electron microscopes and producing various accessories for them. Within twenty years of its existence, the company has become one of the five most important manufacturers of devices with focused beam of charged particles in the world. In the last two years, TESCAN has transformed into a joint stock company and has made some changes in the company structure, with the most substantial including the establishment of the subsidiary TESCAN China and the acquisition of TESCAN USA Inc.