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Innovative FIB/SEM Lift-out Solutions for Advanced TEM Lamella Preparation Requirements

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The success of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis depends heavily on the quality of the sample preparation. And sample preparation requirements become more stringent when atomic resolution is needed or when material features are smaller and more complex. Using FIB to prepare samples for TEM provides the best method for achieving the required thin lamella and ensuring uniform quality. Today’s novel materials, in particular, require more advanced TEM sample preparation methods to truly observe the samples with the desired detail.

For these novel materials, sample thickness is not the only parameter that must be considered. FIB-SEM instruments allow site-specific sample preparation by combining several techniques that help to locate the feature of interest on the sample or determine the orientation of a structure. In some cases, the samples will require that the lamella is prepared from a specific geometry, which necessitates the use of a lift-out technique.

In this webinar, you will learn:

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The planar lamella lift-out by innovative lift-out method taking advantage of the unique position of nanomanipulator in the FIB/SEM chamber

Presenter: Martin Slama

About Martin Slama

Martin Sláma is a Product Manager for FIB-SEM in Material Science and Life Science with over 5 years of experience in conventional and advanced TEM preparation methods using TESCAN’s plasma FIB and Ga+ FIB-SEM solutions for Materials Science. Prior to joining TESCAN, Martin worked in the field of new material development and characterization at Brno Technological University, CEITEC, and Aston University.